Design Philosophy

I attach great importance to individual requirements. The client's way of life, leisure time and the way of garden using habitat. Especially important is the human as individual, which be mirrored with his own personality.
I will be careful to find design solutions, which are ecologically acceptable. Green space should be a place of refuge. The garden will be harmonically suited to the natural neighbourhood with native plants.

Biographical and Professional Information

DI Dr Agnes Fedl

Agnes Fedl

Garden and Landscape Design
Garden architect: Dipl. -Ing. Dr. Agnes Fedl
1983 to 1988 Study of Landscape Design at University of Garden culture in Budapest/Hungary.
1997 Dissertation at the University of Agriculture in Vienna/Austria.
More than 25 years experience garden an landscape planing.
February 1997 established the Garden and Landscape Design Office in Fernitz/Austria.

Contact Data

Agnes Fedl
Garten- und Landschaftsplanung GmbH

DI Dr. Agnes Fedl
Fichtenweg 3
A-8072 Fernitz
Tel: +43 3135 48647
Mobil: +43 664 9737442






ANKÖ Führungszertifikat

Hot Links

Project Highlights of the Last Years

  • Exhibition Area Minimundus in Germany/Bodensee

  • Garden for blind people in Graz

  • Medical garden in Graz for the private sanatorium in Graz-Ragnitz

  • Castle garden of castle romantic hotel Obermayerhofen in East Styria

  • Hotel Weinlandhof in Ratsch (South Styria), design of the hotel recreation area and garden

  • Design of the industrial area/recreations garden of the Zeta-Elpack company in Tobelbad (Styria)

  • Surrounding, design and placement of the sculpture Johann Puch in the industrial area at MAGNA STEYR in Graz

  • International Garden Exhibition 2000 in Unterpremstätten (Styria), design of "The Garden of Yearnings"

  • Different private gardens in Styria, Carinthia, Salzburg and Upper Austria

  • Landscape design for the plat of Hirtenkloster estate in Graz

  • Landscape design of MARLAND estates in Graz

  • Rosarium of private sanatorium in Judendorf Strassengel

  • Terminals of the tramway Nr. 1 and Nr. 4 in Graz

  • Design of the exhibition area of the spanish riding school in Piber

  • Landscape design of Mühlengrund estates in Raaba

  • Roundabouts in Lannach

  • Atrium design of the Altesse company in Fürstenfeld

  • Landscape design of park and ride Weinzödl in Graz

  • Ecological site supervision of the construction of Cafe Aiola Schlossberg in Graz

  • Parking area of Center Ost in Graz

  • Garden design of the ordination Dr. Mandak in Gratwein

  • Design of hedge islands in front of Kastner & Öhler in Graz

  • Landscape design of the Aston Martin production area in the industrial area of MAGNA STEYR

  • Master plan of Alpresidence Almhüttendorf Turracher Höhe

Photo Gallery

Gardens with it's own style

  • Country garden

  • Water gardens and swimming ponds

  • Gardens for disabled and blind persons

  • Kneipp paths and areas

  • Meditation garden

  • Fragrance and colour garden

  • Nibble garden

  • Stone landscape

  • Exhibition areas

  • Industrial areas

  • Castle garden

  • Recreation garden/area

  • Night garden

  • My Garden

  • School garden/play ground

  • Roof and pot garden

  • Indoor garden

  • Nature garden

The Nature Garden

  • Dry and wet biotope

  • Flower and fruit meadows

  • Country garden

  • The woodland garden

  • The discovery garden


  • Gartenpost

  • Homes & Gardens

  • Casa Gesundheit

  • Zolltexte Book about "Front Gardens in Graz"


  • My garden - my mirror

  • The country garden - flower greetings from the middle ages

  • The natural garden - the garden of discovery

  • The garden in pots - landscape of memories

  • The perennial garden - Feel like varied life

  • The box hedge garden - the mystery of the formal garden

  • Feel the sense of the water colour painting


Lectures at the University of garden culture in Budapest, about the topic of the dissertation: Nature Garden

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